Kate Foster



Degrees and Certifications:

Kate Foster

Mrs. Foster has a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Chinese Language, as well as Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity University, and is certified to teach Social Studies 7-12. This is her second year at ISA, spending the first half of last year as an intern for the sophomore English and World History class, finishing the year in this position. She believes that examining past events through a variety of critical lenses will enable students to move towards active citizenship, able to understand how we have arrived to our modern state of events, willing to think about change and engage in civil discourse.


  • Schedule: 

    1st period: APUSH

    2nd period: APUSH

    3rd period: Conference

    4th period: Lunch 

    5th period: APUSH

    6th period: APUSH

    7th period: APUSH

    8th period: APUSH