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Eric Cavazos

You are my other me. If I do harm to you, I do harm to myself. If I love and respect you, I love and respect myself.”

I grew up in Haslet, Texas, a small city on the outskirts of Fort Worth. 

Ever since a 5th grade field trip to the Alamo, I've been drawn to the city to San Antonio. It was a natural affinity. Other than that, I have no explanation as to why I chose to apply to UTSA and only UTSA.

After college, I completed my student teaching at Brackenridge High School, taught at a private school for kids with high anxiety and those who were in need of behavioral management, and traveled to Japan for a year to fulfill a dream, find peace, and teach English. In Japan, I gained a deep admiration for the concept of community and culture, inspiring me to develop a strong culture and sense of community in the classroom.

This will be my second year teaching AP Government and Economics.


Class Schedule

  • 1st period (8:45 - 9:37)--Conference

    2nd period (9:42 - 10:35)

    3rd period (10:40 - 11:30)

    4th period (11:35 - 12:25)-

    5th period (12:30 - 1:20)--Lunch

    6th period (1:25 - 2:15)

    7th period (2:20 - 3:10)

    8th period (3:15 - 4:05)

Class Overview

  • Class Overview Document