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Eric Cavazos

You are my other me. If I do harm to you, I do harm to myself. If I love and respect you, I love and respect myself.”


I grew up in Haslet, Texas, a small city on the outskirts of Fort Worth. 

Ever since a 5th grade field trip to the Alamo, I've been drawn to the city to San Antonio. I attended UTSA, majored in history, and fell in love with political science. 

After college, I completed my student teaching at Brackenridge High School, taught at a private school for students with high anxiety and special behavioral needs, and traveled to Japan for a year to fulfill a dream, find peace, and teach English. In Japan, I gained a deep admiration for the concept of community and culture, inspiring me to develop a strong culture and sense of community in the classroom.

This will be my third year teaching AP Government and Economics.


Class Schedule

  • 1st period (10:00-11:00) 

    Classroom code: eravbrg

    2nd period 

    Classroom code: wf3jsoy

    3rd period (1:15-2:15) 

    Classroom code: wz2rljj

    4th period: Conference

    5th period (10:00-11:30)

    Classroom code: j5dlbef

    6th period: 

    Classroom code: xpiiexn

    7th period (1:55-3:25)

    Classroom code: eo5ob3i



Class Overview

  • In U.S. government and politics, we will analyze data and text- based sources while exploring topics like constitutionalism, liberty and order, civic participation and methods of political analysis. This class centers around the structure of the government and its associated costs and benefits. 

    This is an election year! We will keep up to date with current events, critique campaign strategies, unravel the public policy process, and find out what it takes to become an agent of change in our community. Look forward to our public policy project and acting as judges in Supreme Court cases.