Ms. Nguyen



Degrees and Certifications: Music Education EC-12 Music Ed. Certification Kodaly Level I Certification Orff Level I Certification

Ms. Nguyen

Hello! I am the Music teacher at Castle Hills Elementary School and a recent graduate of the University of North Texas’ music education program! Growing up my elementary years in California, I never experienced a music program in the public school. It gives me a much greater appreciation for the music education program set up in Texas, and the higher expectations brought to the fine arts area.

My teaching philosophy is centered around interculturalism, the idea of intermingling different cultures by seeing the differences and similarities of each one. Along with creating lifelong learners and an appreciation for music, I use my classroom to support students' discovery of having pride in their unique background while also accepting and understanding students who come from different cultures! All around the world, there is always something to celebrate, why not make music a celebration? 

I hope we have a wonderful year filled with music, fun, and culture! Please, if you have any questions regarding music please email at: or connect with me on class dojo.

  • Time                                                            Weekly Schedule

    *7:00-7:40am                                             *Tuesdays and Thursdays (Choir rehearsal)

    ~7:20-7:50am                                             ~Wednesdays (News Crew)

    7:45-8:35am                                                Conference 


    8:35-9:25am                                               1st Grade 

    9:30-10:20am                                             Kindergarten

    10:25-11:15am                                           2nd Grade


    11:15-11:45am                                             Lunch


    11:45-12:35pm                                           3rd Grade


    12:35-1:25pm                                             4th Grade


    1:30-2:20pm                                               5th Grade

    2:20-3:15pm                                              Grade Level Planning (PLC)

    ^2:45pm                                                    Bus Duty

                                                                      ^5th Grade Strings at Eisenhower Middle (Mon. & Wed.)