About Teacher

Ms.  Galvan

Phone: (210) 356-6200


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Art University of Texas at San Antonio Certification Art EC-12 Minor in Art History

Ms. Galvan

My name is Cristal Galvan and I am one of two art teachers on campus. I teach 6th, 7th, & 8th grade Art 1 and I'm excited to be here. I have a Bachelor's degee in Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio. The goal in my classroom is for the student to understand that art is a universal language. I want them to understand and use the elements, princples, and content of art.

I want to teach my students to use art as a tool to help them express themselves in the same fashion I once did in my own youth. I want to be able to provide the knowledge that’s going to help and guide them to a better future. Additionally, I am a firm believer that art can be an outlet for students to express their inner feelings and emotions.

It is extremely important as an educator to know and understand my students and what their needs are.  I want to make a creative atmosphere that is going to expand my student’s imagination and create an environment where they are going to feel comfortable knowing that their teacher is there for them.


Classroom Announcements

Class Schedule

    Wrangler Bell Schedule (A Day)
    1st Period (8:30-9:35)    
    2nd Period (9:40-10:45) 

    3rd/4th Period & Lunch
    6th Grade - A Lunch (10:50-11:30) / 3rd Period (11:35-12:40) / 4th Period (12:45-1:50)
    7th Grade - 3rd Period (10:50-11:55) / B Lunch (12:00-12:40) / 4th Period (12:45-1:50)
    8th Grade - 3rd Period (10:50-11:55) / 4th Period (12:00-1:05) / C Lunch (1:10-1:50)
    Wrangler Bell Schedule (B Day)
    5th Period (8:30-9:35)
    6th Period (9:40-10:45)

    3rd/4th Period & Lunch
    6th Grade - A Lunch (10:50-11:30) / 7th Period (11:35-12:40) / 8th Period (12:45-1:50)
    7th Grade - 7th Period (10:50-11:55) / B Lunch (12:00-12:40) / 8th Period (12:45-1:50)
    8th Grade - 7th Period (10:50-11:55) / 8th Period (12:00-1:05) / C Lunch (1:10-1:50)