Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology - University of Texas at San Antonio M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching - University of Oregon

Joel Duarte

I entered teaching social studies from a side door. After studying philosophy and psychology at university, I worked for a decade as a sommelier and then lived abroad teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand, Japan, and Korea. I was born and raised in San Antonio and have spent most of my adult years in the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

My interests outside of teaching inevitably end up finding a way into the classroom. I enjoy reading and working on different aesthetic projects, whether drawing alone or making films in collaboration. Since an early age, art and philosophy have had a significant impact on my life and have often helped shape my relationships with others. They have provided a balance of challenge and play that inform my experiences both inside and outside the class.

I am happy to be back in San Antonio and very excited to begin my first year at ISA. I feel lucky to be part of this community. I love meeting people and am always up for a chat.

Classroom Announcements

  • Regular Bell Schedule

    1st Period (8:45 - 9:37): AP U.S. Government
    2nd Period (9:42 - 10:35): AP U.S. Government
    3rd Period (10:40 - 11:30): Conference
    4th Period (11:35 - 12:25): Lunch
    5th Period (12:30 - 1:20): AP U.S. Government
    6th Period (1:25 - 2:15): AP U.S. Government
    7th Period (2:20 - 3:10): AP U.S. Government
    8th Period (3:15 - 4:05): AP U.S. Government


    Advisory Bell Schedule

    1st Period (8:45 - 9:30): AP U.S. Government
    2nd Period (9:35 - 10:21): AP U.S. Government
    Advisory (10:26 - 10:56)
    3rd Period (11:01 - 11:46):  Conference
    4th Period (11:51 - 12:39): Lunch
    5th Period (12:44 - 1:32): AP U.S. Government
    6th Period (1:37 - 2:25): AP U.S. Government
    7th Period (2:30 - 3:15): AP U.S. Government
    8th Period (3:20 - 4:05): AP U.S. Government