Degrees and Certifications:

M.A.T. from Trinity University, May 2017 English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 Certified ESL Supplemental B.A. in English with Minors in History and Education, May 2016 (Summa Cum Laude) NHS Sponsor

Ms. Ileana Sherry

I was born in San Antonio, Texas, but I split my time growing up between here and Austin. Since the first grade, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I continuously sought opportunities to mentor and take care of children, even when I was a child myself. I grew up in the public school system, attending large schools, learning to love reading and English, and refining my goal of becoming an educator. Significant teachers along the way shaped my adolescence and conceptions of great educators, great literature, and what it means to make a difference. By the time I was researching colleges I was searching out the best English and education programs, which brought me back to San Antonio in order to attend Trinity University. From my first semester I explored the literature and education of the city around me, and I realized that teaching high school English for the students of San Antonio was my calling. This will be my 4th year teaching at the International School of the Americas. Now I teach the sophomores of ISA in English II. I teach alongside an MAT intern from Trinity University, Lilian De la Rosa. Ms. De la Rosa will be increasingly involved in teaching the students, planning, grading, and parent contact.

Why Teach?

In teaching high school I hope to give students the supports and skills to find their own voice and speak up about what they are passionate about. In this way, teaching for me is intrinsically related to social justice and equity. I always tell my students that as we practice our reading they are "becoming readers of the world," and in looking at the world critically they can become positive agents of change. 


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  • Tutoring Schedule:

    Students should attend room 113A for tutoring. 

    Monday: 4:20pm-5:05pm

    Wednesday: 4:20pm-5:05pm

    Thursday: 8:15am-8:45am and 4:20pm-5:05pm (spring semester only for STAAR prep)

    Friday:  8:15am-8:45am one-on-one tutoring 

    Students can sign up for up to 20 minutes slots of one-on-one tutoring on Fridays. If none of these times work for the student, they should email to schedule an alternative time. See the digital sophomore team tutoring schedule for the most up to date times.


    Google Classroom Codes:















    If you would like to get weekly summary of your student's Google Classroom assignments, send me an email at 

  • Class Schedule
    1st period English II Honors   (8:50 - 9:42)
    2nd period Conference           (9:47 - 10:37)
    3rd period Englihs II Honors   (10:42 - 11:32)
    4th period Lunch                   (11:37 - 12:27)              
    5th period English II Honors   (12:32 - 1:22)
    6th period English II Honors   (1:27 - 2:17)  
    7th period English II Honors   (2:22 - 3:12)
    7th period Wrap Time            (3:12 - 3:25)
    8th period English II Honors   (3:30 - 4:20) 
    Tuesday: Early Release
    1st period English II Honors    (8:50 - 9:35)
    2nd period Conference            (9:40 - 10:25)
    3rd period Englihs II Honors    (10:30 - 11:15)
    4th period Lunch                    (11:19 - 12:04)             
    5th period English II Honors    (12:08 - 12:53)
    6th period English II Honors    (12:57 - 1:42)
    7th period English II Honors    (1:46 - 2:31)
    8th period English II Honors    (2:35 - 3:20)
    1st period English II Honors     (8:50 - 9:37)
    2nd period Conference             (9:42 - 10:27)
    Flex Time (Advisory)               (10:32 - 11:17)
    3rd period Englihs II Honors     (11:22 - 12:07)
    4th period Lunch                     (12:12 - 12:57)         
    5th period English II Honors     (1:02 - 1:47)
    6th period English II Honors     (1:52 - 2:37)
    7th period English II Honors     (2:42 - 3:27)
    8th period English II Honors     (3:32 - 4:20)
    Wrap time is an opportunity for lessons on social emotional learning, AVID strategies, and watching LEE TV. Flex Time is our advisory. During advisory we will be implementing curriculum to help students with school-wide initiatives, preparing for careers and college life, learning and study skills, and a place to develop student connections across grade levels. 
  • I also act as one of the National Honor Society (NHS) sponsors. NHS is a national organization that honors students for their scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students are invited to apply the second semester of sophomore year. These invitations are sent out based on a minimum cumulative unweighted grade average of 90. If you have any questions please reach out to me through email: or my co-sponsor Bonnie Brawner: