About Teacher

Mr. Scott W. Browne

Phone: 210-356-0900


Degrees and Certifications:

Colgate University - BA in Economics Sacred Heart University - MAT in Secondary Social Studies Social Studies 6-12 Social Studies 4-8 Gifted and Talented

Mr. Scott W. Browne

I am excited for my second year with the ISA family this year.  Before that I taught for 13 years in Atlanta and Orangeburg, South Carolina, while also being an International Baccaluareate Coordinator at the latter.  I spent my undergraduate years at Colgate University earning a degree in economics.  I also received a MAT from Sacred Heart University.  During college, I spent a semester in Rome, and in high school, I was an exchange student for a year in West Germany.  

This year, I have Ms. Yvette Pena as an intern from Trinity University. She recently graduated from Trinity University and now in their masters program.  She will be working closely with me throughtout the fall semester while assuming some teaching responsibility.  This process leads to a full takeover, during which she will assume the role of lead teacher for a significant segment of the spring semester.

We look forward to working with the students, parents and staff of the ISA family.

We will be teaching the social studies half of WorldEng this year with Ms. Sherry teaching the English half.  The classes will tend to be combined to form a block.

Classroom Announcements

  • Tutoring:

    Wednesdays: 4:15-5:00pm

    Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8:00-8:45am

    By appointment

Class Schedule

  • Regular Bell Schedule

    (8:45-9:37)     1st   WorldEng 1st Block

    (9:42-10:35)   2nd  WorldEng 1st Block

    (10:40-11-30) 3rd   Conference

    (11:35-12:25) 4th   Lunch

    (12:30-1:20)   5th   WorldEng 2nd Block

    (1:25-2:15)     6th   WorldEng 2nd Block

    (2:20-3:10)     7th   WorldEng 3rd Block

    (3:15-4:05)     8th   WorldEng 3rd Block

     Advisory Bell Schedule

    (8:45-9:30)       1st   WorldEng 1st Block

    (9:35-10:21)     2nd  WorldEng 1st Block

    (10:26-10:56)   Adv  Advisory

    (11:01-11:46)   3rd  Conference

    (11:51-12:39)   4th  Lunch

    (12:44-1:32)     5th  WorldEng 2nd Block

    (1:37-2:25)       6th  WorldEng 2nd Block

    (2:30-3:15)       7th  WorldEng 3rd Block

    (3:20-4:05)       8th  WorldEng 3rd Block