Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sanchez

I am a graduate of the Unviersity of Texas with a B.A. in English and Russian and a M.A. in Foreign Language Education. I have taught English for five years in the United States and also taught for a year at Chelyabinsk State University and Chelyabinsk Pedagogical University's ACCESS program on a Fulbright Grant.

As a teacher, my primary goal is to make education relevant to students' individual needs now and in the future by having students produce both usable documents for employment and creative works that help them make their voices heard and their realities known to the world at large.

My personal life goal is to ascend through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of nerdiness. To that effect, I maintain a healthy diet of tabletop role-playing, painting miniatures, conlanging, and writing science fiction and fantasy stories.

  • There is no traditional bell schedule at ACE.

    I teach English III and IV and maintain a blog of alternative assignments with guides as well as resources for creative writing for students at