Mr. Jamie Hansen-- Science Coach



Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2006 in the College of Education and University of Houston in 2014 for my masters degree in math, science, and technology for curriculum and instruction.

Mr. Jamie Hansen-- Science Coach

My name is Mr. Jamie Hansen and I taught 5th grade for nine years and 8th grade science for two years. After my first year of teaching I married my college sweetheart  My wife is a math teacher of 13 years.  Our first born child’s name is Braley and she is 9 years old and our second born child’s name is Braxton and he in 8 years old.  It’s nice to have a wife who has the same career as me because we can enjoy the same time off together as a family and we can both share stories and help each other solve problems.  We enjoy taking our kids to the Zoo and Schlitterbahn.  One of my favorite activities is wakeboarding. Our family really enjoys being outside exploring and learning about the world and traveling to new places.

Class Schedule

  • My schedule varies from day to day.  However, you can probably find me in the sciecne lab helping teachers engage students in science.

I believe

  • Welcome to my website where you will find a glimpse of our journey in the art and joy of learning.
    Learning and emotion are inextricably intertwined as learning impacts emotion and emotion impacts learning. When charged with emotion about learning a concept or a skill, attention, concentration, memory and meaning are heightened exponentially. In short, we learn because we are intrigued, curious, fascinated, surprised.
    Relationships between students, teachers, and families are integral factors contributing to the degree that learners construct meaning and build knowledge. Sharing in the enthusiasm of children’s natural inclination to learn builds confidence and supports risk. As learners, we design and shape our own journey, and as we learn how to learn and think about thinking, we stretch boundaries.
    Technology is a key component of my program and has become a companion to many of the students in their quest for knowledge, skills, and understanding. For many, it has stimulated natural intrigue, empowered choice and alternate forms of presentation, and generally contributed to the joy and art of learning.