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    Things to know:
    1.  NCAA has courses they describe as Core Course requirements 
    2.  Core course GPA is different than cumulative GPA
    3.  33% of course courses are satisifed a students freshman year in high school
    4.  16 core course requirements for DI and DII but they are different
    5.  Online credit recovery classes may not be accepted
    6.  DI minimum core course GPA goes from the current 2.0 to 2.3 for class of 2016 and beyond
    7.  10 of 16 core courses must by completed by junior year and will be locked in at the start of senior year (7 in English, math and science)
    8.  SAT score increased by 180 points.  ACT score increased by 14 points

    What should you do as a player and student-athlete?
    1.  Get informed
    2.  Schedule a time with school counselor to make sure these requirements are being met

    In order to be recruited by any college/university:
    1.  Register through the NCAA Eligibility Center
          There is a $70 registration fee
         ** Must be registered with the Eligibility Center to take an official recruiting visit
    2.  A student-athletes name must be on a college/universities IRL (Institutional Request List)
          A student-athletes name will be reviewed by the NCAA

    NAIA Eligibility Center (seperate from NCAA)
    Must meet 2 of the 3 following requirements:
    1.  ACT 18 or SAT 860
    2.  GPA 2.00
    3.  Top 1/2 of class

    Scholarship Facts:
    1.  3% of high school athletes receive scholarships
    2.  Less than 1% are DI scholarships

    Saving for college
    529 plan: every state has one

    National Letter of Intent 
    1.  Once you sign a NLI it stops the recruiting process
    2.  To get our of a NLI, it is possible but very hard.  Most student-athletes loose 1 yr eligibility

    Social Networking
    1.  Be careful on all social networking sites - schools will look at your history
    2.  Never put anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc that is inapporpriate

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