About Us

  • Evening High School (EHS) has been in continuous operation since 1987.  It is a quality program with high academic and behavioral standards within a very supportive context.  A variety of strategies are used in a tri-level classroom format; the smaller size of our classes permits instruction to be more individualized, self-paced, and tutorial than in most public day school programs.

    Many students who have experienced difficulty with a subject in traditional settings find our instructional arrangements helpful.  Our favorable student-teacheer ratio and individualized approach also allow unusual flexibility to modify and adapt for special student needs.

    Evening High School is fully accredited and our courses meet all requirements of the Texas Educational Code.

    Credits do count towad NEISD GPA and Rank.

    EHS staff will post grades earned by each student upon the completion of the course.

    EHS staff will email the Counselor of Record once the grade file has been updated.

    Students have finished a semester of course work in as little as six nights (equivalent to 24 class periods). They have up to 14 evenings to finish a single semester course.