Mr. W. Patrick Cunningham



Degrees and Certifications:

BA chemistry St. Mary's University MA science education Stanford University

Mr. W. Patrick Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham teaches pre-AP and AP chemistry at Johnson High School. He is certified in chemistry, music and 8-12 science.  He has taught high school for 30 years, and is in his ninth year at Johnson.

His chemistry education publications appear in the Journal of Chemical Education and on the Vernier Instruments website and the AACT website Chemistry Solutions.

Cunningham has served Johnson HS on both the Campus Improvement Committee and the Flex Period Committee. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Association of Chemistry Teachers, Science Teachers Association of Texas, National Science Teachers Association and ASM International. A target shooter since high school, he is a long-time member of the National Rifle Association. He is campus representative for the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. He has also served as a member of the TEA's science TEKS streamlining committee and the American Chemical Society's secondary chemical education task force.

In the school year 2016, Cunningham was voted Campus Teacher of the Year by the Johnson HS faculty, and was then chosen Secondary Teacher of the Year for the North East Independent School District for 2017.

“Course materials are posted on Google Classroom/Edmodo. Students can access through Launchpad. Please email teacher for more information.”

Important Information

Class Schedule

  • Regular day (Monday, Thursday, Friday)

    Period    Time                Event

       1       08:55 - 09:45    Pre-AP chemistry E217

       2       09:50 - 10:45    Pre-AP chemistry E217

       3      10:50 - 11:40     AP chemistry E217     

       4      11:45 - 12:35     AP chemistry E217    

       5      12:40 - 13:30     Lunch

       6       13:35 - 14:25    Pre-AP chemistry E217

       7       14:30 - 15:20    Pre-AP chemistry E217

       8      15:25 -  16:15    Conference

    FLEX day (Tuesday, Wednesday)

       1      08:55 - 09:40      Pre-AP chemistry E217

       2      09:45- 10:35       Pre-AP chemistry E217

    FLEX   10:40 - 11:15      AP flex period in E217

       3      11:20 - 12:05      AP chemistry E217  

       4      12:10 - 12:55      AP chemistry E217

       5      13:00 - 13:45      Lunch

       6      13:50 - 14:35      Pre-AP chemistry E217

       7      14:40 - 15:25      Pre-AP chemistry E217

       8      15:30 - 16:15      Conference

    Tutoring times (most mornings and afternoons there is a teacher assigned 2nd floor E or F wing)

    To be announced