Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in German, French, and English

Frau Bettina Jones


I was raised in different parts of Germany and graduated high school in Augsburg, Germany. Then I worked in Belgium and England as an Au-Pair to improve my knowledge and fluency in both French and English. I also traveled to Italy where I picked up some Italian over the years. After returning to Germany and finishing my education as a European language correspondent, I started working for an international company in the purchasing department. When I married my husband, Burt, a real American hero, I traveled the world following my husband's job with our growing family.

It had always been my dream to become a teacher and so I went to college in the various places we lived in and managed to accumulate some credits over the years. When we finally moved to the United States in 2001, I started pursuing my teaching degree. We moved to San Antonio, TX, in 2007.

What can you learn from my rather long and arduous path while following my dream of becoming a teacher? My motto is to never give up no matter the odds and whatever it takes. Follow your dreams!

My favorite past-times are hanging out with my husband and kids, reading, chasing our various animals through the house, digging around in my garden to plant pretty things, eating great food, and last but not least: teaching my foreign language students. For me teaching is a thing that never stops neither in nor out of the classroom. I learn something new from my students each and every day.

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Schedule:   A

    1st Period (10:00-11:05)    German 2 Honors  (code: z3fuggt)
    2nd Period (11:10-12:30)   German 2 Regular (15 min. flex time) (code: zjfejbp)

    C Lunch (12:30 - 1:00)      Frau Jones is at Lunch

    3rd Period (1:05-2:10)       German 1 Beginners (code: tsrgxhn)
    4th Period (2:15-3:20)       German 1 Beginners (code: 6nlyfxr)

    My classes are on Google Classroom, accessible via the NEISD Launchpad. The class codes are on this schedule in RED.


    Tuesday/Thursday Schedule:   B

    5th Period (10:00-11:30)    Conference period 

    A Lunch (11:35-12:15)       Frau Jones is at Lunch

    6th Period (12:20-1:50)     German 3 Honors, AP and V (code: zk22pkx)
    7th Period (1:55-3:25)       German 3 Honors, AP and V (code: fgv2cnj)

    Tutoring: BEFORE school on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00 - 9:45 am and Wednesday AFTER school from 4:00 - 4:30 pm