Mrs. Karen Nichols

Phone: 210/356-1800 Special Ed Office 210/356-1833


Degrees and Certifications:

Teacher Certification 1998 BBA - Lamar University 1982

Mrs. Karen Nichols

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and worked in various fields  for years before marrying and moving to San Antonio.  While deciding if I wanted to try something new, I  substitute taught for a while and then began working in a temp agency.  I was amazed when I realized that so many wonderful people were lacking skills required for job placement!  They could not pass the placement tests that we used and that severly limited the types of jobs for which they were eligible.

I realized that those two short term jobs were leading me to a decision to earn my teaching certificate and I have never been happier!  I began teaching in 1997 and my hope has always been that I can help students become contributing members of society and to help develop their own individual strengths that will help them to succeed in finding employment in the future.

I can be reached by email at


Class Schedule

  • 1st  (8:55 - 9:47)     Geometry Co-Teach w/ Mrs Quayle  TN 319

    2nd  9:52 - 10:45)    IPC Co-Teach w/ Mr. Montamat   WI            

    3rd  (10:50 - 11.40)  IPC Co-Teach w/ Mr. Montamat   WI   

    4th  (11:45 - 12:35) Geometry Co-Teach w/ Mrs Quayle  TN 319 

    5th  (12:40 - 1: 40)  Lunch

    6th (1:35 - 2: 25)  IPC Co-Teach w/ Mr. Montamat   WI   

    7th   (2:30 - 3:20)  IPC Co-Teach w/ Mr. Montamat   WI   

    8th   (3125 - 4:15)      Conference