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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & PE from West Texas A & M University in Canyon TX (1986) 6-12 Mathematics Teaching Certification 6-12 Physical Education Teaching Certification New Online Learning tutoring hours for PreAp Geometry are as follows: Odd calendar days from 8:00am-10:00am Method coming soon.....

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March 18, 2020

Online Distant Learning message from Mrs. K!

Hello - I hope you all had a great spring break and enjoyed your time off with your families and friends.  I know this is a crazy time but I am excited for this new opportunity to teach you in a new and exciting way of learning.  I have missed you all this past week as I was looking forward to getting back in the classroom to teach however with this crazy event happening in the world today our main goal is to keep you all safe.  I am excited to begin a new adventure with you all and hope that you can learn the final concepts that you need to move on from Geometry and be able to continue on in your math career at Reagan.  It makes me sad that we will not get the face to face communiations for the time being however we will continue to try and do the best thing possible for you all given the circumstances.  I have several things to let you know so bear with me as we begin this journey!

First of all, I have set up new google classrooms for each individual period.  Please go and sign up for your class period for the new google classroom.  I will be posting assignments, notes and all information needed there.  However for now please keep checking the old google classroom as we may post items that are revelant to all classes of PreAp Geometry there too.  There is already calculator information there that is free to students for 6 months that you can download to your computer. 

Here are the following google classroom codes:

1st period - ibvsisv                                                                                                                        

2nd period - e6i6rjg                                                                                                                           

3rd period - avjekbb                                                                                                                           

5th period - gyc3vly                                                                                                                           

7th period - j3ih5bp                                                                                                                      

8th period - zt3wosj

Old google classroom code that includes all Geometry PreAp classes -wge4nnw (If you aren't already signed up for this, please do so)

Please sign up as soon as possible and also if you know of friends that might not have received the information, please let them know to go to my website for info to sign up!

Also remind will be more important than ever as I will be sending messages through there too.  The remind code is the following:

1st, 2nd and 3rd period   Text @geoker123 to 810-10  (the 810-10 goes in the To:  and the @geoker123 goes in the text message! 

5th, 7th and 8th period    Text @geoker578 to 810-10  (the 810-10 goes in the To: and the @geoker578 goes in the text message!)   If you have not done so, please sign up for your remind class based on your class period!

I just sent a remind about contacting 2nd Period ONLY  teacher to let them know if you have internet access at home.  The school will contact you with more about this, but I am also letting you know and asking you to be proactive in this.  Reagan will be accomodating those without internet at home.  I strongly urge you to look around for internet options as I know Spectrum was offering free basic packages during this time.  As for My 2nd period class - please email me at jkerst@neisd.net (2ND PERIOD ONLY)  to let me know if you have internet access.  I have already had several do this and I appreciate that!!!

The last thing is that Texas instruments is providing students with free student software to download to have an Nspire calculator at home.  This is awesome as every student will be able to use this without having to buy a calculator for this.  You can simply download the software and have a calculator emulator on your computer at home.  There is information on the google classroom page that we have previously been using.

If you have any quesitons, please do not hesitate to remind me or email me at jkerst@neisd.net and I will be checking that quite often as I am staying and working at home also.  I think this is going to be an adventure for all of us and I look forward to communicating with you all throughout this journey.  This will be great!   Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Kerstetter



 Mrs. K's Biography page -

Welcome to PreAp Geometry at Reagan High School!  A little information on myself.  I was born in St. Francis, Kansas and was the daughter of two high school teachers.  I inherited my love of teaching mathematics from my mother who was my high school math teacher.  After graduating from high school, I went on to Dodge City Community College and then on to West Texas A & M (West Texas State University) to graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in teaching mathematics and PE.  I played college basketball and then decided to stay and continue coaching at West Texas A & M as an assistant coach until 1989. 

I then moved to Perryton, TX for one year and then on to Garden City, KS where I married my husband, Devin.   I taught and coached at Holcomb High School for seven years.  During this time, I had three children, Drew, Megan and Derek and decided to become a stay at home mom for a number of years.  We then moved to San Antonio, TX in June of 2002, and I began substituting for the local schools.  In August of 2005, I started teaching at Hardy Oak Elementary School and then eventually moved to Reagan High School in August of 2010 where I have been since that time. I love teaching and I love kids, so I have the perfect job!

Mrs. Kerstetter's Tutoring Schedule

  • New Online learning tutoring hours:

    Odd number calendar days 8:00am-10:00am

    Will be letting you know how we will handle this soon!

PreAp Geometry Calendar

  • Link for Calendar - You must log in using your NEISD student login information to view and access assignments. This calendar is supplemental to google classroom and all worksheets and notes will be printed and are in the classroom.

Mrs. Kerstetter's Class Schedule

  • 1st Period  (8:55-9:47)      PreAp Geometry

    2nd Period (9:52-10:45)    PreAp Geometry

    3rd Period  (10:50-11:40)  PreAp Geometry

    4th Period  (11:45-12:35)  Lunch

    5th Period  (12:40-1:30)    PreAp Geometry

    6th Period  (1:35-2:25)      Conference

    7th Period  (2:30-3:20)      PreAp Geometry

    8th Period  (3:25-4:15)      PreAp Geometry

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