• Meet the Teacher Night:  Here is the link for the brief video Mr. Holmes and I made for our World Geography classes.  


    Mr. Mularchuk's Classes: 

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    World Geography PD 1: 10AM-11AM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/96057463532

    World Geography PD 2: 11:50-12:50PM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/92823069771

    World Geography PD 3: 1:15-2:15PM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/95443425359

    World Geography PD 4: 2:25-3:25PM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/98947474509

    Tuesday & Thur

    World Geography PD 5: 10AM-11:30AM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/91232610086

    Conference PD 6: 11:35AM-1:50PM

    World Geography 7 PD: 1:55-3:25PM https://neisd.zoom.us/j/99175471878


    Tutoring Days/Times:

    Mornings: Monday & Tuesday 9AM-9:30AM

    Afternoons: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30PM-4PM


About Teacher

Phone: 210-356-1400


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. History - Texas A&M University M.A. Secondary Education - Adelphi University

Mr. Peter Mularchuk

I was born and raised in Hicksville, NY. Which is about a 30 minute train ride in to NYC. As a child, my mother and I traveled extensively.  She worked for Northwest Airlines and retired from Delta Airlines. I've been to all of the continents excluding Africa and Antarctica and to 45 of the 50 states.

Many people ask, "How did you make it down here to Texas?"  My uncle worked for Exxon/Mobile and was transferred from NYC to Houston.  My cousin then began attending Texas A&M University and I came down to visit my family here.  I went to College Station to see my cousin and fell in love with A&M.  At that time I wanted to be an engineer too.  Things changed and I recieved my BA in History from A&M and then my MA in Secondary Education/Social Studies from Adelphi University in New York state.  

Currently, this is my 13th year at James Madison HS.

I live in New Braunfels, TX. I enjoy the river, traveling, video games and playing golf in my free time.  

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Class Schedule


    All classes are World Geography.