About Teacher

Phone: 210-356-7600


Degrees and Certifications:

UT Austin graduate. BS in Petroleum Engineering.     Texas Life-Time Teaching Certificates: Physics, Math, IPT(Computers), and Physical Science. Passed State EXCET Computer Science exam 

Anthony Pecina

San Antonio born and raised. I am a MacArthur Grad and former Brahma football player.

After graduation, I attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned my degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Decided I loved teaching and coaching more than working on an oil rig. So here I am in my 30th year of teaching.

Currently teaching all Physics classes, but during my career I have taught math,computer science and work with the MACE/ACHIEVE program.

Coached Tennis in Eagle Pass, Texas at the beginning of my teaching career.


  • I like… Las Vegas, hanging out in Austin, and Tourchy’s tacos
  • I don’t like ..traffic, bad service , and giving homework
  • I am most happy riding my TREK bike at the Pearl area on the downtown Riverwalk

School Supplies

  • 2019-20

    1 pack of index cards (100)

     Two , 70-100 page spiral notebooks(one for each semester)

    Mechanical pencils or pen 

    Scientific calculator(provided in class) Recommended for home use.



Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (8:55-9:45) Physics I
    2nd Period (9:50-10:45) Physics I
    3rd Period (10:50-11:40) Physics I
    4th Period (11:45-12:35) Physics I
    5th Period (12:40-1:30) Conference
    6th Period (1:35-2:25) Lunch
    7th Period (2:30-3:20) Physics I
    8th Period (3:25-4:15) Physics I