Mr. Paul Pearcy

Phone: 210-650-1195


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Electrical Engineering University of Chicago Certified in Middle and High School math.

Mr. Paul Pearcy

Hello! I'm Paul Pearcy and if you're coming here either you or your child is currently taking a math class with me. I'm very open to communicating with the parents/guardians of my students and look forward to working with your child! The best way to contact me is via email at and I'll be able to get back to you promply.

In 2002 I graduated with a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Chicago. I primarily worked in telecommunications while I was there. The winters and I never got along and I moved back to San Antonio in 2003.

I've been teaching high school math since 2007 and have been at MacArthur since 2012 and am happy to call it home. My goal is to ensure your child's success in math this year and look forward to collaborating with you.

Obviously, there's all kinds of info I could put here but I'd never stop and we all have better things to do ;) Here's the link to my old Google Site that has to bunch of good math stuff on it you can look at: Mr. Pearcy's Google Site

Geometry students have a textbook that is online. Here's the link to their online textbook: Pearson Online Geometry Textbook. Here's a video I made that shows you how to access the online Geometry Textbook: How to Access Your Online Pearson Geometry Book

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period 8:55 - 9:45 AP Calculus AB
    2nd Period 9:50 - 10:45 College Algebra
    3rd Period 10:50 - 11:40 Conference
    4th Period 11:45 - 12:35  AP Calclulus BC
    5th Period 12:40 - 1:30 AP Calculus AB
    6th Period 1:35 - 2:25 Conference
    7th Period 2:30 - 3:20 College Algebra
    8th Period 3:25 - 4:15 College Algebra
    Tutoring: Mornings from 8 to 8:45 (except Wedesday). Afternoon tutoring is available by appointment.