Dr. Amos Obiefuna

Phone: 210-356-7600


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science (Statistics) Master of Education (Math) Graduate Certificate (Biostatistics) Ph.D. Higher Education (Math Teaching)

Dr. Amos Obiefuna

Hello, Thanks for visiting this page. Just a little bit about myself. I have been teaching high school Math since 2004. From Southside high school (Southside ISD) to Holmes high school (Northside ISD) to Macarthur high school, where I have taught Algebra 2, Math Models, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Quantitative Reasoning, Math Transitions, and Geometry since 2008. I have enjoyed every bit of my time as a teacher helping students achieve their goals. I have my Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Master of Math Education, a Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics and a Doctoral degree in Higher Education. I am also an adjunct professor at San Antonio College, teaching undergraduate Math and Statistics. I love to see students excel and also love soccer and good comedy movies and shows.

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (9:00 – 9:50) Conference
    2nd Period (9:55 - 10:51) Geometry
    3rd Period (10:56 - 11:45) Geometry
    4th Period (11:50 - 12:39) LUNCH
    5th Period (12:44 - 1:33) Geometry
    6th Period (1:38 - 2:27) Algebraic Reasoning
    7th Period (2:32 - 3:21) Geometry
    8th Period (3:26 - 4:15) Geometry