Degrees and Certifications:

Texas A&M University - BS in Business Administration

Ms. Wilcox

Welcome to Algebra II Honors & Algegra II Regulars!

I have many years of experience teaching math. I love what I teach so my goal is to at least show each student that they can be successful in math if not love it like me.

I earned my bachelor's at Texas A&M University (Whoop!) in Marketing and Accounting. I spent several years working in marketing for local remodeling companies before I realized my real passion was teaching. I transferred to the teaching world and have not looked back. This is the start of my 17th year of teaching. With this experience I know exactly what the students should know coming in to the school year and where they need to be by the end. Together, working hard, we will create mathematicians out of everyone!!     

I will gladly answer any questions you have. You can reach me through email at or you may text me through my Google Voice number (210-596-9684).                            

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Class Schedule



    1st Period - Algebra II Honors/GT

    2nd Period - STAAR Math

    3rd Period - Algebra II

    4th Period - Lunch

    5th Period - Algebra II Honors/GT

    6th Period - Algebra II Honors/GT

    7th Period - Conference

    8th Period - Algebra II Honors/GT 

    **Tutoring times are located on calendar.