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Douglas Vollmer

I am a proud graduate of the class of 1978 at Robert E. Lee High School.  I am also a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin in 1982. I was very lucky to be contacted by Coach Roy Sawyer and Principal Bill Evans in 1982. I had played on great teams at Lee High School under Coach Sawyer and Mr. Evans was the Principal at that time. They said they had a job for me and asked me to come to Lee and coach football and track. I was very happy to say yes to them. I have always said that if I worked at Lee for a thousand years I could not repay those men for the opportunity they gave me.

I spent 13 years coaching, when I was then asked to move to the Counselors office by Principal Bill Fish. I had completed my M.Ed. in counseling from Our Lady of the Lake University in the early 1990's.  The five years I spent counseling were some of the most important and enjoyable years of my work life.

My plan had always been to move on to the AP position, after completing my administrative certification. I completed that certification from Our Lady of  the Lake University in the early 2000's. While I was back in graduate school, I moved to the classroom. As it has turned out, the classroom is where I realized I finally belonged. I have a subject that I find very interesting and am now teaching in my 18th year. I have never moved back to an office. I very much like the people I work with and hope to teach for a few more years.

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  • 1st Pd US History
    2nd Pd US History
    4th Pd US History
    5th Pd US History
    6th Pd LUNCH
    7th Pd US History
    8th Pd US History

    * There are 3-4 schedules that are used during the school year
    * I have tutoring available on Tuesday mornings at 8:00. Students will set this up with me.