Mr. Mark Ayers

Phone: 210-356-1033


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts Master of Fine Arts Area Manager for Lighting, Laser, and Special Effects for Sea World of Texas

Mr. Mark Ayers

A native Texan who really enjoys teaching tech theatre.   Attended Sul Ross State University, graduated with a Bacholor of Arts in Drama with an emphasis in Technical Theater.   Earned a Master of Fine Arts at Texas Tech University. 

Was the Area Manager for Lighting, Laser, and Special Effects for Sea World of Texas for 11 years.

NESA Technical Director since 1999

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Class Announcements

  • Round 1 at 2019 Tech Party

    2019 Tech Party Round 1





    WE WILL ROCK YOU is done, GREAT JOB EVERYBODY.  The video wall was a great addition.  Can not wait until we use it again.  

    4th 9 weeks has begun on to FOOTNOTES and PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.  Check the current show page.


    Congratulations to the NESA techs who participated in the Greater San Antonio Area Auditions at Taft High School in the Northside School District.  Piper Fergerson and Brabdon Delacruz.  The did a great job and got many call backs. 

    Piper at GSAA    Brandon at GSAA



    Hello to NESA Tech new students, "SAFETY FIRST"

     1st Year NESA Technical Theatre students

     Meanwhile farewell to Seniors 2018

    Angel, Zach, and El Angel, Zach, El

    The summer assignment is pretty simple.  Attend a live theatrical performance or concert this summer.  Hold on to the ticket or program to turn in the 1st week of school.  Also write a critique about what you saw.  What is in a NESA Tech critique? 

    • Did you like it? Why? Discuss the why.  Acting, singing, dancing, music; did you enjoy any of the production, just certain scenes, or all of it.
    • Did the performance space enhance the production?  Be detrimental to the production?  Totally neutral? What was the space like.  Which of the four types of theatrical production was the performance?
    • How was the audio?  Were you able to clearly hear and understand?
    • How was the lighting?  Did you have only visibility?  Did the lighting enhance the production?
    • How were the costumes? Good, bad, great? Helped or hurt the production?
    • I would like the critique printed unless you have drafting style of handwriting.
    • It is due the 1st week of school.  I will not accept a summer critique after the Friday of the 1st week of school.  

    See you at school. 





    "CHICAGO" Done Successful Run

    Lee Drama moves on stage with their One Act Play Mar 5th.  NESA tech begins organization of shop and storage places.

    Congratulations to "CHICAGO" crew for a job well done!!

    The "CHICAGO" Tech Crew

TD Class Schedule

  • 1st Period 8:55A-9:47A Conference TD Office or off campus shopping

    All Tech Classes in auditorium, scene shop or onstage

    2nd Period 9:52A-10:45A - 5921N Tech Theater 1 

    3rd Period 10:50A-11:40A - 5922N Tech Theatre 1 Lab

    4th Period 11:45A-12:35P - 5942N and 5944N Advanced Stagecraft I and II

    5th Period 12:40P-1:30P Continuation of 4th period 59425N and 59445N

    6th Period Lunch - Not available

    7th Period 2:30P-3:20P 5945N Advanced Stagecraft III

    8th Period 3:25P-4:15P Continuation of 7th period 59455N


    Fine Arts Code of Conduct