Ken Scott

Phone: 210-805-5315


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Architecture degree Technology Education certified Mathematics certified

Ken Scott

Architecture & Engineering Design + Construction

I am looking forward to another exciting year of teaching.  I enjoy working with teenage students. 

2018 -2019  will be a year of transformation & expansion for both Architecture & Engineering, and Construction classes.  This will be the last year in our old building and the new building will not have a wood shop.  Additionally, wood shop classes will no longer be offered at Churchill after this year.  Therefore, more construction projects will be incorporated into the Architecture and Engineering classes.  The current goal is to double the numbers of students taking the Architecture classes with Mr. Scott and/or triple the numbers of students taking the Engineering classes with Mr. Williams or Mr. Scott.  Classrooms and construction work space will be shared.  Power Hand tools will be our primary tools for building projects. 

In Architecture:   
This year,  we a rare opportunity to learn from the best and most influential designers and trend makers.  I am excited to share the ideas of one of my all-time favorite architects, Frank Gehry.  His videos and lessons in my current Masterclass unveil the art and sculptural influences of his work. 

In Engineering:
Both Engineering and Architecture students will have more opportunities to build after refining their designs in virtual environments.  New textbooks are helping to refine the work and ideas that have been traditionally taught.  Finally, some real opportunities for product designs are available to those who demonstrate the most inventive and creative solutions.  Team building will give students a chance to be part of real projects with real clients.

In Construction:
I am experienced in engineering and construction as well.  I am most passionate about seeing designs built.  


My Background:
I graduated in 1992 from Woodbury University in Burbank, CA with a Bachelor of Architecture.  I completed my post-bachelors education certification in Math and later Technology Education beginning my career in education in 2000.

I have been married for over 20 years with one furry kid.  My goal is to guide your child as I would my own, to academic success and prepare them for their best achievements throughout life.  In my class, your child will benefit from a teacher who has been a full-time architect and knows the learning challenges that are necessary for the industry today. 

I look forward to collaborating with you this year.  My contact information is above on the left - I would very much like to hear from you by e-mail.   

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period - Principles of Architecture            

    2nd Period - Principles of Architecture; Architecture Design 2 (2 hrs); Practicum in Architectural Design (2 hrs); Project Based Research

    3rd Period - Architecture Design; Architecture Design 2 (2 hrs); Practicum in Architectural Design (2 hrs)

    4th Period - Conference    

    5th Period - Lunch   

    6th Period - Principles of Applied Engineering;

    7th Period - Principles of Applied Engineering;  Engineering Design Presentation 1; Engineering Design Presentation 2 (2 hrs); Engineering Design Problems

    8th Period -  Engineering Design Presentation 1; Engineering Design Presentation 2 (2 hrs)