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Mrs. Autumn Carter

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 Autumn Carter


Literacy is my passion! 

I received a Bachelor's of Arts in English and American Literature with a minor in African American Studies from University of Texas El Paso.  I hold a Master's in Education as an Instructional Specialist, concentration Reading. M.Ed. granted from University of Texas El Paso.  I also have completed classes toward a doctorate.  Prior to teaching, I worked with at-risk youth for thirteen years in residential treatment, as a youth counselor.  I also worked in juvenile detention, gang intervention and as a grant writer.


This year I am exicited to be the Instructional Coach for English Language Arts and Reading. I also will maintain three classes. I teach 7th & 8th Grade Reading Workshop, that I team teach with Sara Roby.  It is a Project Based Learning style class combinging reading and math.  This is to show students how innovative their learning can be and how to apply it to real world connections.

I also teach MSL9.  In my classroom, I strive to help students discover their unique learning styles to create active learners in and outside the classroom.  I utilize their interests to engage them in reading and writing skills.  I believe in building academic confidence and intrinsic learning.  It is its own reward.  As a classroom community, students are encouraged to display their knowledge on a subject in multiple ways.  We use a variety of techniques.  Your student will do individual work, use technology, create hands-on projects, and work in partners or small groups to accomplish tasks in the classroom.  Students use academic vocabulary in their writing and discussions to prepare them for high school and the real world.   Encourage your child to discuss what they learn throughout the day in all their classes.  


 I am a mother of two beautiful and intelligent young women.  Now in college, both excelled academically in high school.  They took dual credit classes to earn college credit graduating in the top of their class.  They were offered scholarships both in athletics and academics to major schools.   As student athletes they letter all four years in multiple sports.  The classroom always came first.  As parents we are our child's first teacher.  What we model becomes their expectation in and outside the classroom.  If we are supportive and trust that they will make good decisions and rise to face struggles academically and socially we can help them become a success at whatever they may strive to do. 

I thank you for supporting me as an educator to help your child reach their goals. 


Education is the most powerful weapon in which one can change the world.
​  Nelson Mandela


Classroom Announcements!

Class Schedule

  • Bell Schedule 



    Period One 8:25 9:10 IC Responsibilities
    Period Two 9:14 10:07 MSL9 English
    Period Three 10:11 10:56 MSL9 Reading
    Period Four 11:00 11:46 Coaching Cycle 
    Period Five 11:50 12:36 Coaching Cycle 
    Period Six 12:40 1:26 Coaching Cycle 
    D Lunch (8th) 1:30 2:00
    Period Seven 2:04 2:50 Coaching Cycle 

    Period Eighth 2:54 3:40 Prep for MSL 9


    Afterschool Tutoring:

    Reading Thursday 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. 

    Make-up Work days Tuesday until 4:15 p.m.

    Times are subject to change as needed to meet student need.