• At Jackson Keller Elementary, our students have many opportunities to learn in the classroom, throughout the school day, and after school as well. 

    Our students are encouraged to meet expectations by following the CHAMPS learning strategies. 

    Conversation: Can students talk to each other during this activity?
    Help: How do students get the teacher's attention and their questions answered?
    Activity: What is the task/objective? What is the end product?
    Movement: Can students move about during this activity?
    Participation: How do students show they are fully participating? What does work behavior look/sound like?
    Success: When students meet CHAMPS expectations, they will be successful!

    We are a self manager school. Click here for core virtues. 

Clubs & Organizations

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  • Makerspace 4th Grade
  • Makerspace 5th Grade
  • Robotics Club
  • Safety Patrols
  • Student Council