•    At Hidden Forest, we are committed to building our student leaders! Hidden Forest provides a comprehensive educational environment, both stimulating and nurturing, that enables each child to achieve  maximum emotional, social, intellectual and physical success. We believe that parents and the community  share with educators the responsibility for developing our children into the best people they can become,  enabling them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

       Our staff provides each child the acceptance, support and encouragement that will nurture the growth of a  positive self-concept that is the foundation for all future learning. Further, we believe that our stimulating  educational environment provides numerous opportunities that encourage thinking, questioning, exploring,  and creating that will develop in each child a life-long interest in learning. 

Clubs & Organizations

  • All
  • 5th Grade Safety Patrols
  • Falcon Singers
  • Orff Beat
  • Robotics Club
  • Ukelele Club
  • Wonder League Robotics