Degrees and Certifications:

Teacher Certification Program - University of Texas at San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration - University of Texas at Austin

Kim McLeod

This is my 23rd year in the North East Independent School District! I have the privilege of teaching middle school students a subject I am very passionate about - Math! I graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Business Administration. After working several years in the business world, I decided I wanted to share my love of math through teaching. I completed the teacher certification program at University of Texas at San Antonio. My goal is to build confidence and help students be successful in math!

Class Schedule

  • Monday Schedule:

    1st Period  (8:20 - 9:07) 8th Grade Math Acceleration  

    2nd Period (9:11 - 9:56) 8th Grade Math Acceleration 

    3rd Period (10:00 - 10:45) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    4th Period (10:49 - 11:34) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    5th Period (11:38 - 12:23) 8th Grade Math Acceleration

    6th Period(12:57 - 1:42) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    7th Period (1:46 - 2:31) Conference

    8th Period (2:35 - 3:20) 7th Grade Math Acceleration


    Tuesday - Friday Schedule:

    1st Period  (8:20 - 9:09) 8th Grade Math Acceleration 

     2nd Period (9:13 - 10:02) 8th Grade Math Acceleration 

    3rd Period (10:06 - 10:55) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    4th Period (10:59 - 11:48) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    5th Period (11:52 - 12:41) 8th Grade Math Acceleration

    6th Period(1:15 - 2:04) 7th Grade Math Acceleration

    7th Period (2:08 - 2:57) Conference

    8th Period (3:01 - 3:50) 7th Grade Math Acceleration


    Tutoring is available every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:50 - 8.20 a.m. and by appointment.