Phone: 210-356-8000


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Central Oklahoma, 1997

Mrs. Beth Mainord

Crazy book loving, OU football fanatic, Spurs super-fan, wife, mother and teacher.  My oldest son is a teacher/coach in North Texas.  My father taught in a two room schoolhouse, my sister taught first grade reading, my brother coached and taught math and their spouses were also educators, so I come by this teaching gig honestly!  I did not get my degree as a traditional student, but I was finally awarded my Bachelor's from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1997 after matriculating in 1974.  It took me 31 years to become a teacher, but it was worth it!  I have the best job on the planet!!

Class Schedule


    "A" Day

    Period 1 = Conference (8:30-9:35)

    Period 3 = ELAR (9:40-10:45)

    Period 5 = ELAR (10:50-11:55)

    Period 7 = Honors ELAR (12:00-1:05)

    Lunch = (1:10-1:50)


    "B" Day

    Period 2 = ELAR (8:30-9:35)

    Period 4 = ELAR (9:40-10:45)

    Period 6 = 7th grade AIM

    Period 8 = Honors ELAR (12:00-1:05)

    Lunch = (1:10-1:50)