About Us

  • Colonial Hills Mission Statement:

    "We educate, empower and inspire future leaders." 
    "Nosotros educamos, capacitamos e inspiramos a los lideres del futuro."

    Seven Habits School Chant:

    At Colonial Hills
    We're growing like a tree,
    We're branching out,
    There's a leader in me!
    Working together,
    Every day,
    The seven habits ROCK,
    That's what we say!

    Colonial Hills received the Alliance for Healthier Generation Award. We received the Gold status level which is the highest level you can obtain. Only 10 schools in the nation received this status and we are the only one in San Antonio to ever get this recognition. We care about your student's health, nutrition and wellness. We do not include food items in our fundraisers. We love birthday celebrations, however, no cupcakes, candy or cake for our celebrations. Fruit and party favors like pencils or stickers are a great alternative for celebrating. Colonial Hills does not sell competitive foods or drinks at our school. No foods or beverages are advertised on our campus. We do not serve or offer additional foods or beverages at our school or during the extended school day. To understand why it is important to have a healthy school environment, please watch About Our Health School Program video from Alliance for a Healthier Generation.