• How would you describe a true champion? Is it someone who always comes in first place and “wins the race”? Is it someone that consistently does his/her best, models diligence and exhibits unfailing effort in reaching a personal goal? 

    As we reflect on these questions, a treasured childhood tale comes to mind. In the fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”, Aesop introduces us to a dedicated character with a “never give up” attitude. In the famed race, the tortoise exhibits a commitment to his goal, and through hard work and perseverance, is the shining star in the end. 

    We have chosen the tortoise as the animal that best represents the spirit of our Cibolo Green Champions. We feel that the "tortoise" in this story fits what message we want our students to take with them as they think of themselves as "Champions". Everyone can be a Champion when the actions of Aesop’s tortoise are modeled in all that is accomplished each day.

     So, what is important to you in “your race” it winning or is it the opportunity to do your best no matter what?

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