Ms. Kristin Kesinger

Phone: 210-356-3200


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. English/Journalism from Southwest Texas State Certified AVID Instructor

Ms. Kristin Kesinger

Students, please log on to Google Classroom and Remind to get up to date information.  For codes, look at the daily class schedule below on my page.

  • Here are just a few of the things we cover each week in AVID...


    7th and 8th grade students will learn the core values of WICOR

    WRITING: Using multiple strategies for interacting with notes and texts

    *Focused Note Taking (FNT)

    *Cornell Notes

    *Learning Logs


    *Times Writing

    *The Writing Process

    INQUIRY:   Asking critical questions, engaging in thinking, learning and discussion

    *Philosophical Chairs

    *Socratic Seminars

    COLLABORATION:Teamwork with shared responsibilities and shared ideas

    *Socratic tutorials

    *Family Fridays….Team Building activities

    *Community Service


    This is enhanced by having college tutors come on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work 

    with students on the materials they might be struggling with.


    ORGANIZATION: Managing materials and practicing methodical study habits

    *Binder checks

    *Goal setting

    READING: Strategically gaining meaning, understanding and knowledge from print

     and other media 

    *Critical Reading Process


Class Schedule

  • First Period (8:25-9:09) AVID 8th Grade

              REMIND CODE:  @ec4 bec3

              GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: jh6pwxb 

    Second Period (9:13-10:02) AVID 8th Grade

              REMIND CODE:  @ec4 bec3

              GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE:  ioibmu5

    Third Period (10:06-10:55) AVID 7th Grade

              REMIND CODE: @467ahc

              GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE:  wkbwf4n

    Fourth Period (10:59-11:48) AVID 7th Grade

              REMIND CODE: @467ahc

              GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: 3nirczf 

    Seventh Period (1:43-2:32) Yearbook

              REMIND CODE: @88638g

              GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE:  brhzfay