• Please feel free to contact me by email at mdagge1@neisd.net .
    Want Volunteer Hours? 
    You can view upcoming volunteer event here during the year. Check back during the upcoming school year.
    Volunteer on October 19th from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for the City of Windcrest's 60th Anniversary Event, a Mid-Century Marvelous Art Walk. Students will help set up the event and help artist load and unload their artworks.  Ms. Philbrick and Ms. Daggett will be attending the event and Ms. Philbrick will be exhibiting at the event. Join us and earn lots of community service hours!  Please stop by S113 or S112.   https://artvibeswindcrest.com/artwalk/
    Volunteer at the ARTWALK

Class Schedule

  • Period 1 (8:55-9:45):          STEAM:  Project Based Research 1

    Period 2 (9:50-10:40):        Art 2 preAP Photography

    Period 3 (10:45-11:35):      Art 1 preAP Digital Art & Media

    Period 4 (11:40-1:00):        AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

    Period 5 (1:05-2:25):          Conference/Planning

    Period 6 (2:30-3:20):          Art 2 preAP Photography

    Period 7 (3:25-4:15):          Art 1 preAP Digital Art & Media