Emery L. Kelly

Phone: 210-421-8007


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Civil Engineering MS Civil Engineering Engineering/Mathematics/Physical Science (8-12) Science (8-12) Technology Applications (EC-12) Physical Education (EC-12) Mathematics (4-8) AP Physics Trained UT OnRamps Physics Trained

Emery L. Kelly

I am originally from upstate New York and spent the first 9 years or so there. My dad joined the U.S. Army in 1968 and we ended up bouncing back and forth between Germany and California.  After graduating from high school, I entered the U.S. Air Force as a medic.  I spent five years as a medic and then I was selected to go to university and major in civil engineering and receive a commission.  I spent the next five years working as a civil engineer.  Once again, I was selected to go back to college and get a master's degree in civil engineering and applied that knowledge for another year as a civil engineer.  I then cross-trained into bioenvironmental engineering and closed out a twenty-four and a half year career working in that career field.  After retiring, I worked as a contact engineer for a couple years until I earned my certification as a high school teacher.  I have taught engineering, math, and physics at the high school level.

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period    (08:55-09:45)    PreAP Physics

    2nd Period    (09:50-10:40)   Conference

    3rd Period    (10:45-11:35)    PreAP Physics

    4th Period    (11:40-12:30)    PreAP Physics

    B Lunch        (12:30-1:00)

    5th Period    (1:05-2:25)       PreAP  Physics

    6th Period    (2:30-3:20)       PreAP Physics

    7th Period    (3:25-4:15)       AP Physics C