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  • James Madison Athletics Booster Club

    On behalf of the JM Athletic Booster Club, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our New and Returning Mavericks!

    The JM Athletic Booster Club supports All of the Fall, Winter and Spring sports by providing supplemental funds for sports gear and equipment, recognition events and activities, tournament support, and end of year scholarships. We host several fundraising events to accomplish this task: Dine to Donate events, Gala Banquets, All Sports Program sales, selling of MAV gear and many more. Please join us by attending booster meetings, volunteering for an event and/or joining one of our committees.

    Come help us make a difference. If you only have an hour to volunteer...We’ll take it!!

     Here are some of our accomplishments:

    ★ Replaced motor for inflatable football helmet
    ★ Supplied luncheon for basketball and football events
    ★ Provided gift card prizes for athletic leadership events
    ★ Held “Dine to Donate” events for: Cross Country, Wrestling and Tennis
    ★ Awarded 5 scholarships to Madison student-athletes

    “An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” By Emil Zatopek

    Let’s make our Athletes’ dreams a reality!