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 A Greeting to All Families

Phone: 210-407-1200


Degrees and Certifications:

• B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana University • M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with Principal Certification from University of Texas at San Antonio • Gifted & Talented Certification • ESL Certification

A Greeting to All Families

Every morning when the sun greets the day, you send your child into our beautiful building with a smile and a hug, and I welcome your child into the classroom with "Good Morning", and a smile.  A warm start to the day contributes to the environment I desire for my students; one in which they will grow in friendship and knowledge.  It's always been a dream of mine to teach at a school that fosters this type of learning environment; now here I am living the dream with you!

It’s my passion to see children accomplish impossible things, to go farther than they thought they could, and to find their voice. It’s my personal commitment to foster an environment where every child feels that sense of security where they can take a risk and do something amazing. I remember a student of mine a few years ago whose disabilities affected his speech. He would hardly ever talk in class to his friends or myself. But one day while we were skyping with an author about her book, he raised his hand to ask her a question. With boldness he approached the front of the classroom, looked squarely into the web camera, and with a strong voice greeted the author with his name and asked a great question! The author never knew what an impossible thing my student had just accomplished. This was a breakthrough moment for him and I still get chills remembering it!  

I desire for students in my class to leave school every day excited to tell their family what they experienced and achieved.  In my classroom, your child will grow from the nurture and creativity of myself and classmates, and your child will find their voice to share it with the world.

As we do life together, please feel free to contact me at any time through email, abrigh@neisd.net, or phone call 210-407-1200.

Thank you for choosing our wonderful Cibolo Green community!

Classroom Announcements

Class Schedule

  •  7:25               Pick up students from Common Area

    7:30-7:40     Announcements

    7:40-8:00     Morning Meeting and Team Building

    8:00-8:55     Math

    8:55-9:45     Specials

    9:45-10:40   Language Arts and Writing

    10:40-11:00 Recess

    11:00-11:40 Science/Social Studies

    11:40-12:10 Lunch

    12:20-1:20   Reading

    1:20-1:50     Reading WIN

    1:50-2:20     Math WIN

    2:20-2:30     Dismissal Routine