Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Biological Science UTSA 2004 Associates of Liberal Arts San Antonio College 2006 Doctorate of Allopathic Medicine 2011

Dr. Dr. Charles B. Melenyzer



I'm Dr. Melenyzer and I will be teaching you Anatomy and Physiology!  I grew up in San Antonio, and graduated Winston Churchill High School back in 1998.  I have always had a passion for drawing, sciences, and technology and that is what brought me all the way from being an art major to premedical back at University. I happily indulged in every weird science course I could get my hands on and then chased that passion through medical school.  I graduated medical school in 2011 and didn't really want to be a doctor so I worked as a stem cell researcher at the Incell Corporation working in tissue regeneration.  After doing that for awhile I decided I wanted to transfer into teaching and that is where I have been ever since. 


I worked at Killeen High School from 2013 until 2019 teaching Physics at an AP and International Baccelaureate level, and then moved back home to San Antonio to teach Anatomy and Physiology at Roosevelt High School.  I enjoy teaching, especially when I have a chance to do labs and inspire students to the wonder of what science truly is.


As hobbies, I enjoy writing, gaming, fencing (I was the former captain of the UTSA foil fencing team) and cooking.

  • August 17th/18th

    First Day of Class


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