Pre-AP Algebra 2 Page

  • The Algebra II Honors course is essential for anyone who plans to take the AP Calculus Test and/or who plans a formal education after high school.  The foundations of this course focus on seven functions (linear, absolute value, quadratic, square root, exponential, logarithmic, & rational), conic sections and an introduction to trigonometry.  Significant elements of functions include parent graphs, domain & range, parameter changes and application problems.  This course teaches logic skills, problem solving skills and best practices in displaying these skills.  You will learn to collect data from real-life experiences, then organize and analyze the data in an algebraic manner.   I have very high expectations of my students enrolled in Algebra II Honors.


    ** The Online Textbook & Resource: SpringBoard Algebra 2 **

    Use your NEISD Student Launchpad to access the SpringBoard textbook 

  •                                       Alternative Algebra 2 Honors Tutoring Times for AFTERNOONS

    If your teacher is not available or is absent, you may visit ANY of the other Algebra 2 Honors teachers for help!



    3:30 - 4:15


    Ibarra – A324


    Arnold – A310


    Bostick – A312


    Martinez – A224