• Algebra I

    ~ SYLLABUS ~

    Johnson High School 2020-21


    Mrs. Erin Ibarra

    e-mail: eibarr@neisd.net

    Teacher Webpage:



    Mrs. Ibarra’s Tutoring Hours:

    MWF 9:15-9:45 AM

    Otherwise by Appointment

    Course Requirements:

    2 composition books; notebook paper; #2 pencils; red pen; scotch tape or glue sticks; math section in large binder (can be combined with another class); colored pencils; highlighters

    Optional Supplies: graph paper; Nspire CX graphing calculator (not CAS)


    Course Description:

    Algebra I is the fundamental course in the high school mathematics sequence. The material you learn this year will be foundational to your Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Architecture, and Computer Science courses. You will learn to manipulate and solve equations and inequalities, explore linear, quadratic, and exponential functions, solve systems of equations and inequalities and explore properties of polynomials.


    Grade Determination for each Grading Cycle:                   

              Daily Assignments                     15%            

              Quizzes/ Labs                           35%                      

              Exams / Major Projects              50%                      


    Semester grade will be:

    40% - Term 1

    40% - Term 2

    20% - Final Exam




    90 - 100% = A

    80 - 89%   = B

    70 - 79%   = C


    Final grade will be:

    • Semester 1 and 2 Average This includes daily warm-ups, class activities, TRACKS (daily learning checks) and homework. You must show all work for credit. The completion of this work is essential to the understanding of the material. If you are struggling, go to tutoring.You may or may not be notified of quizzes in advance.   Tests will be given approximately every Class Policy:
    • You will always be notified of tests in advance and you will be given a test review.
    • Test & Quizzes:
    • Daily Assignments:
    • Your grade is not a secret; you (or your parent/guardian) can access it using the Parent Portal from the district website or by requesting a printed progress report from me before/after school. Each student will receive an official school progress report (including all classes) during the 4th and 7th week of each grading period and a report card at the end of the grading period; it is the student’s responsibility to share these progress reports and report cards with parents/guardians.
    1. Expectations: (the five P’s): I expect every student to Participate (100%), to be Prompt (ready to work when the bell rings), to be Polite (respectful and supportive of classmates and teachers), to be Prepared (have supplies and assignments), and to be Productive (work hard, stay on-task, ask questions, and help others).
    2. Retakes: You may retake tests/quizzes to improve a grade of 69 or below. In order to retake, you must correct your failed assignment and attend a tutoring session to show your understanding of the corrected material. The retest will ONLY be available to students who have corrected their assignment and showed understanding in tutoring session. If you score higher on a retake than the original assessment, you will receive the retake grade up to a max of 70. If you score lower on the retake, the retake grade will be discarded. You may retake only once, so be sure that you are prepared! All retakes must be taken prior to the next unit assessment or teacher specified date. 
    3.  Tutoring:  Tutoring hours are before school (9:15 a.m.– 9:45 a.m.) or after school by appointment. Zoom links for virtual tutoring are posted on the Google Classroom.


      Afternoon 3:30 - 4:20


      Stefan – A218


      Kiniry - A204


      Staggs – A206


      Moon – A210


      Have a great weekend!


    4. Late and Make-up Work: If you are absent it is your responsibility to collect your assignments. Remember, you can check the ALGEBRA ONLINE BINDER for the details of the day. According to district policy, if you are out of class on school business or you have an excused absence, you will have the same number of class periods that you missed to make up the assigned work without penalty. If the absence is unexcused, the work will be considered late. In accordance with district policy, a 20% deduction from the total grade earned will be taken for late assignments. Assignments may be turned in late until the unit assessment. If you miss a quiz or a test, you need to be prepared to take the assessment upon return to class.

     5. Honesty Policy: All quizzes, tests, and projects (unless otherwise instructed by me) are to be completed individually. Any student caught copying/cheating will receive a zero for the assignment. It is okay to work with other students on the practice assignments (classwork & homework) as long as each student is actively working on each of the assigned problems.


    Thank you for your support