Help with proficiency

  • Duolingo - vocabulary and grammar reinforcement

    • Go to
    • To register all you need is an email address.
    • Test out if you are able. If not, start from the first lesson.

    Listening Practice

    • Video Listening links - by topic and level. Click on particular level, and practice listening with and without transcript
    • Videos - by level over different topics. Listen without transcription, then with.
    • Listening Practice - most with transcript
    • Find videos about news/stories you're familiar with on a Spanish news station such as CNN Español, El mundo,Univision, ABC, etc. Listen and use your background knowledge of the subject to help you understand.

    Other Resources

    Vocabulary reinforcement - Quizlet groups (create account, then add your level)

    • Bonham SP1
    • Bonham SP2

    Practice for MC Exams

    Practice for Oral Presentations

    • Make flashcards with difficult words
    • Record yourself saying the presentation, then listen to the audio.
    • Practice presenting OUT LOUD as much as possible. Practice with rough draft, then using only the visual. Practice with a classmate or friend.
    • Practice with correct presentation requirements - Are there certain sentences you need to say? Is there a minimum time?