Leader in Me and Expectations

  • Classroom Expectations:

    One of the most important concepts in our classroom is RESPECT. We will show each and every person in our classroom and the school that we repect their ideas, choices, and who they are inside and out. We can do this by:
    1. Be Responsible
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Exercise Self-control
    4. Follow Directions
    5. Be Here- Be Ready

    Every student must be at school and in the classroom at 7:40a.m. If a students comes in after that time, they must go to the office to receive a tardy slip. The school day ends at 2:55p.m. If you need to pick up your child early please go to the office and sign your child out. The office will call the classroom and I will send your child down.


    Grade Level/Class Goal

    Our goal is for the students in our class to read at least 5 Bluebonnet Books.

    Class Social Contract

    • We will LISTEN to others when tehy are talking.
    • We will be quiet in line.
    • We will be kind to others.
    • We will show respect to others and materials.
    • We will have self control.
    • Leader in Me 7 Habits Tree