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    Tryouts for the 2019-2020 School Year

    New  Swimmer Tryout Assessment Date:


    Friday, August 9, 2019 @ Josh Davis Natatorium

    New Swimmers Trying to Make the Team  : 10:00AM (Arrive by 9:45AM) - Test Set: 12 x 100's @ 1:30

    Athletes on the Team trying or Morning Set @ 11:00AM (Arrive by 10:45AM)


    Returning Swimmers Seeking Contact Coach Jedow for Times and Expectations!


     For those interested in joining the swimming & diving team please email Coach Jedow at: mjedow@neisd.net

    Requirements: (All Forms Need to Be Completed Prior to Tryout!)

    • Meet the NEISD and UIL eligibility requirements.

    • Swim all 4 competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) legally for a distance of 50 yards each. 

    • Successfully complete one of two training test sets:

      • 12 x 100's @ 1:30 Interval - 8th Period Swimming Training Group 

      • 12 x 100's @ 1:15 Interval - 1st Period Swimming Training Group 

    • Note 2019-2020: AM Test Set Will Be for:

      • Males (12 x 100's Free @ 1:10) 
      • Females (12 X100's Free @ 1:15)                           


    Any student interested in diving for the Churchill team will need to undergo a tryout with our NEISD Diving Coach Jennifer Davidson before being added to the roster. In order to tryout the Physical Form and Particiaption Agreement forms must be completed. Coach davidson can be reached at: jdavid1@neisd.net . Divers who are accpeted into the program are placed into the 1st period athletic class. 


    NEISD Practice Facilities

    The swimming and diving teams utillize the Blossom Athletic Center: Josh Davis Nataorium and Bill Walker Pools along with the poll at the North East Sports Park.  Practice locations and times vary during the corse of the season.


                           Bill Walker Pool                                                             Josh Davis Natatorium                             North East Sports Park

    Bill Walker Pool  Josh Davis Natatorium  NEISD Sports Park Pool

  • WC Swimming & Diving

    The WC Swimming and Diving Team is program with a long history of success. No other sport at Churchill has won as many District, Region and State Championships as the swimming and diving team.