accounting cycle
  • Accounting I

    Accounting is the language of business and will be required of anyone attending a business school or pursuing a major or minor in business in college. Accounting I provides a good foundation for future success at the college level as well as many benefits for personal use.  The accounting principles taught in this course are based on a double-entry system and understanding the accounting cycle. This includes preparing bank reconciliations, payroll taxes, and financial statements.

    To access the textbook, you can log into Launchpad, click on the CTE group, and choose the Cengage-Gilbertson-Accounting book.  The reading material matches our classroom book, but it does not contain any of the Working Problems.  

  • Accounting II

    This course includes mastery of the concepts of the accounting cycle and multiple applications of accounting practices to business operations like merchandising, inventory, payroll, and the tracking and management of business assets. Students will also learn the accounting applications required for the structuring of partnerships and corporations and how to create and evaluate financial statements, as well as financial management of departments and manufacturing accounts.

    To find some helpful textbook resources, Google search: century 21 accounting advanced 10e student resources to find the Book Companion site.

    Quickbook Online certification will be offered to Accounting II students in the spring semester