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  • Business Information Management I

    Business Information Management (BIM) is a one year/one credit intermediate computer applications course recommended for students in Grades 9-12. In this course, students will develop skills that will help them make a successful transition to the workforce and post-secondary education. They will learn key aspects of software programs in the Microsoft Office suite. In addition, they will learn how businesses manage vast amounts of information with a variety of emerging technologies.  Students will have also gained practical skills for succeeding in today’s business environment, including the ability to create word-processing documents, develop a spreadsheet, formulate a database, and make an electronic presentation.




  • Business Information Management II


    Business Information Management II prepares students to apply technology skills to personal and workplace business situations at a more advanced level. Students develop mastery in using MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) using a variety of advanced tools and concepts.  MOS certification opportunities are available to students.