• Class Expectations:
    ·         Be on Time
    ·         Treat yourself, others and equipment with R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    ·         Work the entire class period
    ·         Electronics should be out of sight and out of hand during instruction
    ·         Keep work area and classroom clean
    ·         No food or drink in the classroom
    ·         Dress code is enforced
    ·         Stay in your seat until you are properly dismissed
    ·         Have FUN!!! Yes, it’s true – school can be fun!  Having fun is one of the best kept secrets of learning – let’s expose it!
    Required Materials/Supplies:
    ·         1 folder to keep classwork organized
    ·         BLUE or BLACK pen, Pencil
    ·         Loose-leaf paper (Let’s keep it neat, no spiral edges on turned in work)
    ·         A supply list for projects will be handed out later in the semester; try and get these supplies as soon as possible so we can get started on our projects!
    Gradebook "Need To Knows"


    • Student earned a zero

    • Assignment was not turned in by due date nor by the late due date

    • Assignment can no longer be turned in

    • Earned a zero for academic dishonesty


    • Blanks are created once an assignment is generated

    • Once work is graded, no blanks should remain for anyone


    • Assignment is late or missing which could indicate there is still time to turn it in



    • Assignment has been excused for a particular reason and does not have to be turned in