• Make music not noise. Use self-discipline with instruments. Show kindness to others. Insist on Excellence. Challenge Yourself  Quiet conversation. Raise hand to ask for help. Active listening. Respect instruments. Remain seated. Listen and participate. We will not bully others. We will help students who are bullied. We will include students. Tell adult at home & school.

Grading Policy: Kindergarten (Skills & Conduct)

  • 1 = Student is unable to exhibit skill even with direct guidance. Additional instruction is needed.

    2 = Student exhibits skill with minimal guidance. Reinforcement needed.

    3 = Student exhibits skills independently and consistently.

    4 = Student understanding goes beyond grade level expectation.

Grading Policy: 1st-5th Grade

  • E= Achievement is excellent

    • Student consistently demonstrates mastery of TEKS and NEISD Standards exceeding grade-level expectations
    • Student puts forth maximum effort, demonstrates self-motivation in meeting learning objectives
    • Student has above-average grades on written work, where appropriate

    S= Achievement is satisfactory

    • Student demonstrates mastery of TEKS and NEISD Standards at grade-level
    • Student puts forth expected effort, with minimal redirection to meet learning objectives
    • Student has average grades on written work, where appropriate

    N= Achievement needs improvement

    • Student performs below standard expectations (student satisfies less than 70% of TEKS and NEISD Standards)
    • Student puts forth minimal effort
    • Student has below average grades on written work, where appropriate


    *Parents--In Parent Portal, music grades are shown as a numeric grade. This is not a true representation of the grading that is done during class. I enter the grades as an alpha grade, and this is how they are shown on the report cards. If you have a concern about your child's grade, please feel free to contact me.


    How does the numeric grade assigned in parent portal transfer to the final report card?

    E = 95

    S = 85

    N = 75

    U = 65

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills: Music

NEISD Fine Arts Code of Conduct

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