Family Engagement Leadership Academy

About Family Engagement Leadership Academy

  • Family Engagement Leadership Academy provides an opportunity for parents, grandparents, or community members to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the role as their child’s primary teacher. Participants are offered information on a wide variety of subjects. Courses include topics related to:

    • Parenting Classes
    • Life Skills and Essential Knowledge
    • Academic Skills
    • Health, Nutrition, and Safety
    • Leadership and Community Service

Benefits of Joining

    •   Become empowered to support your child through their educational process.
    •   Continue your own education through NEISD.
    •   Earn a certificate of completion from NEISD for completing 25 hours, ask your Family Specialist for more details.

How to Join

  • Registration for the Family Engagement Leadership Academy runs from September to March. Contact the Family Specialist on your campus or find one nearest to your home.