Madame Morneau



Degrees and Certifications:

Certification Trinity University 6-12 in French and English BA in French Indiana University Completed Degree at L'university at D'Haute Bretagane MA UTSA Linguistics.

Madame Morneau

North East Independent School District

I love teaching French!!!!   I adore sharing this love.  The language is beautiful and there are so many similarities between the English and the French language.

I am the second geneneration born from Danish and French-Canadian parents. I grew up around the sound of different Languages, including English, Danish, Spanish, and French. 

I received my Bachelor's degree from Indiana University, majoring in French. I completed that degree at the L'Université D'Haute Bretagne in Rennes concentrating on Comparative Linguistics, specifically the similarities and differnces between French and English.

I completed my Teacher Certification and English degree at Trinity University and student taught at Lee High School with the lovely and talented Paula Guerard. I was able to teach with her for eight years before her retirement..

After student teaching, I was hired by NISD to teach French and English. I taught at Taft High School for thirteen years, while living in the NEISD district.

I feel like I have returned home to NEISD and to the district of my home. While teaching at Taft, I completed my Master's degree in Linguistics at U.T.S.A.

 I also adore to garden, to listen to music, to knit and needlepoint.

I look forward to years at Reagan and NEISD.  My fifteenth  year at Reagan is coming up and I can't wait.



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Events French IV Pre-AP & IV AP

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Class Schedule

  • Class Period        Class Time           Class Name

    1st          8:45-10:35             French III & III Pre-AP

    2nd         9:42-10:35             French IV Pre-AP

    3rd          10:40-11:30           French II Pre-AP

    4th          11:35-12:25           French II Pre-AP

    5th         12:30-1:20             Lunch

    6th         1:35-2:25               French II Pre-AP

    7th         2:30 - 3:20             French IV Pre-AP 

    8th         3:25 - 4:15             Conference