Ms. Mary Fey

Phone: 210-356-7000


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Mathematics 18 hours of Graduate school in Math and Computer 30 hours of GT training PreAP and AP training

Ms. Mary Fey

Welcom to the study of Geometry. This will be an exciting excursion into the study of Geometry. We will see its applications in the real world, its beauty in art,  and the logic developed through the study of Geometry.  I am excited to be teaching Geometry this year.  I have taught Geometry GT, Pre AP Geometry, Geometry, and Informal Geometry.  I trained at UCLA Berkeley on the Discovering Geometry book and piloted the book for NEISD.  I taught and wrote the curriculum for “Geometry A” and “Geometry B” for the Project Smart Program. The Geometry material was approved by TEA and it aired on KLRN for 2 summers with a national broadcast. I loved the experience of teaching the course.

I trained at UCLA Berkeley on Data Driven Algebra, piloted the book for NEISD and lead workshops on the book. I have lead workshops for national math conferences, state math conferences, NEISD, and NISD. I have been on numerous textbook adoption committees.

I have trained teachers on calculator use, calculator applications and computer applications for teachers at the University School of Monterey Mexico, national math conferences, state math conferences, NEISD, and NISD.  I have written curriculum for NEISD and NSID. I wrote math problems with Brooks Air Force Base for computer solving problems.

I look forward to a wonderful year.

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (9:00 – 9:50) Geometry
    2nd Period (9:55 - 10:51) Geometry
    3rd Period (10:56 - 11:45) Conferernce
    4th Period (11:50 - 12:39) Geometry 
    5th Period (12:44 - 1:33) Geometry
    6th Period (1:38 - 2:27) Lunch
    7th Period (2:32 - 3:21) Geometry
    8th Period (3:26 - 4:15) Geometry