• 6th Grade Reading

    Welcome to Distance Learning! 

    Hey friends! You are all in my heart and in my thoughts as we begin this new challenge. I miss you so much and it's just too quiet around here! So I can't wait until we are all back together in room 4102! 

    This coming week you are going to start doing your lessons at home. Sometimes getting started with something brand new can seem really hard. Don't worry. Just get started and as we go, I will continue to refine the process until we get to what works best for everyone. 

    There are two ways you can work:

    1 - Online in Google Classroom (GC) or 2 - Using a Paper Packet (PP) which you can pick up at school on Mondays.

    Here are the Google Classroom Codes in case you forgot yours:  

    Period 1  - dh6i5sm

    Period 2 - wt6wo7q

    Period 3 - redptzz

    Period 4 - axsdklv

    Period 5 - 6tnl2fe

    Period 6 - ira7usp

    Period 8 - itx6wvl 

    Kaleidoscope: The Imagination Hub Extra Credit Projects Page - 3qbsek4 (for everyone)



    Each week, you will receive two assignments which are equal to two full class periods. You will have 2 response activities (RAs), which means activities where you will need to respond as directed. You will also have one assessment. Honors Reading students will have one additional assignment to enrich/extend the lessons. 

    If you are working on-line, your work is due every Sunday. If you have a paper packet, your work needs to be returned to school on Monday before noon. At that time, you can get your new packet for the upcoming week. 

    If you have any questions, I have set up a dedicated email account: kjohns2jacksonmsdl@gmail.com and will be checking it regularly. I will be available during normal school hours every weekday from 7:40 to 4:10

    Please be patient in terms of seeing your grade for these assignments. We are solidifying the plan for how we want to do this, so at this time, we will not be entering grades in Skyward. I will let you know more when I know more. All I ask is that you do your very best and let me know if you don't understand something. 

    That's it for now. I hope you all are taking good care of yourselves and getting a lot of rest. We will get through this together! 

    Lots of love,

    Lots of love,

    Ms. Johnson 

Ms. Kari Johnson

Phone: Office: (210) 356-4400 | Fax: (210) 442-0580


Degrees and Certifications:

Associates Degree in Fine Art - San Antonio College Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - University of Texas at San Antonio Lifetime Certification to Teach 1st-8th - University of Texas at San Antonio

Ms. Kari Johnson

This year marks my 21st year in education. It has been a wonderful evolution of my life experiences. I started working in high school at L&M House of Jeans...folded a LOT of clothes. Then moved on to a career in restaurant with Cappy Lawton's 1776, Inc. Revolutionary Restaurants where I learned to work with all types of people. I interned there during college in the Human Resources Department, working my way through school where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. After graduation I worked for Labatt Food Service for 7 years as the Communications Manager. I created contests for the companies and designed and produced all types of media for vendors such as Tyson Foods, Land'O Lakes and Sara Lee Bakery. That career gave me a wonderful understanding of the business world. I traveled a lot and spent long hours at work. When I was blessed with my one beautiful child, I decided that I would be better able to care for her in a career field that better aligned with her schedule. That's when I went back to school to get my teacher certification with an emphasis on literacy aquisition. Upon completion of that program I worked for 3 years in Northside teachying 2nd grade at Cody Elementary. I then moved to NEISD, taught for 11 years at Jackson-Keller Elementary and then, was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the Oak Meadow family. I loved the school the minute I walked through the doors and feel it is one of the finest elementary schools in the district. This year I will be teaching at Jackson Middle School which feels like a natural evolution as I will be seeing some of my Oak Meadow charges on my new campus.