• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Join the Hive! This year, each nine-weeks students were invited to join our reading hive by reading 9 books of their choosing. The first nine-weeks had our highest participation numbers for any reading program to date.
  • Children’s Book Week: Guess the Book - During Children’s Book Week in November, Ms. Watts wore clues for a specific picture book. Each class worked together to figure out the book title, and teachers emailed their guesses to the library. Classes with the correct guess were announced daily. Even though it was a simple program, students loved looking for Ms. Watts each day and figuring out the books.
  • Love an Unloved Book - During the month of February, Ms. Watts spotlighted fiction novels that had low circulation numbers after being in the collection for at least ten years. The books had a heart sticker placed on the cover and a paper heart on the inside for students to vote on keeping the book in the collection or letting it go. Students enjoyed discovering “new to them” books and having an opinion on the book’s future.
  • Husky Storytelling Club - The Husky Storytelling Club made its debut this year. Third grade club members meet every Thursday afterschool to learn and practice the tradition of storytelling. In May, the storytellers performed at a family engagement event, for students in K-1 grade and at a retirement facility in our community.
Students participated in our Join the Hive reading program.
ebooks books in collection
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Second graders created a new mashed-up animal for the Cook-A-Doodle Moo Zoo.


  • Invasion of the Pythons. The librarian collaborated with the fifth grade science teacher on using print and digital resources to find causes and effects of the burmese python invasion in the Everglades. Students read Scholastic News and News-O-Matic articles on the topic.
  • Dia De Los Muertos. The librarian collaborated with the third grade team on a TEKS based social studies lesson on Dia De Los Muertos. After learning more about this cultural holiday in a Nearpod lesson, students created a traditional calavera mask.
  • Cock-a-Doodle-Moo Zoo. As a fun bonus project at the end of their mammal research unit, second graders pair up to create a new animal using traits from each of their researched animals. The pair has to decide what type of habitat, diet, physical characteristics and name for the new, blended animal.
  • Heritage Passport Project. Fourth graders explored their family’s heritage through interviews, nonfiction books and digital resources. Students gathered information on a country’s language, holidays, foods, traditional clothing and customs. The project culminated with a celebration showcasing the diversity of our school.

Fifth graders enjoy learning more about Ben Franklin's major life events through tweets.

Lesson Spotlight

Ben Franklin’s Twitter Account has been hacked! Ben Franklin entered the age of social media with his own Twitter account. Unfortunately, it was hacked. His most important tweets were mixed up and no longer in chronological order. Fifth graders were tasked with putting his tweets back in chronological order. Using his biography in Pebble Go Next, teams worked together to decipher which important event the tweet was describing and place it on the timeline. The fifth graders were highly engaged and excited to learn about this important person from history.



  • The librarian and counselor collaborated on a Book of the Month program that combines SEL/Guidance lessons with books. After examining what topic the counselor covered each month, the librarian selected a picture book that tied in. The librarian provided a copy of the book to every gen ed classroom and read it to the students during PLC coverage prior to the guidance lesson being taught.
  • The librarian and the campus ITS collaborated on a professional development session for teachers on the digital version of StoryWorks. During the PD, teachers had an opportunity to explore articles that tied to their current curriculum and brainstorm ways to incorporate the digital version into stations, extension or extra support.
  • The librarian and a third grade teacher collaborated on the third grade research unit, Space Travel Agency. Students research an assigned planet’s features to determine why that planet would be a good vacation destination. To utilize the Connect Classroom initiative, students created a brochure in Canva to convince families to plan their next vacation there.
  • The librarian and a fourth grade teacher collaborated on a lesson about idioms. In science, the students were studying weather, so the idioms in the lesson were weather related. After discussing the alternative meaning of several weather idioms, students worked in pairs to determine the literal and figurative meanings of an assigned idiom and create illustrations to match.

Collaboration Spotlight

For Poetry Month, the library and campus ITS collaborated on a choice board of activities for figurative language found in poems by Shel Silverstein. The activities utilized Pear Deck for student engagement and interaction. Choice boards were pushed out to students via Google Classroom to work on during literacy stations throughout the month of April. The librarian was thrilled to see the poetry books in the library collection increase in circulation, especially books by Shel Silverstein.


The librarian and guidance counselor collaborated on lessons using these titles.

Campus Leader

  • What’s the Buzz - PD with Me! Each quarter, the librarian provided PD to staff in two formats. The first format was in a Smore newsletter for teachers to refer to as needed. The second was to offer teachers an opportunity to come into the library one Friday during their conference period to explore the resource more or collaborate on a lesson.
  • Husky Family Book Club. During the second nine-weeks, the librarian hosted a Husky Family Book club and invited all Huebner families to participate. The selected title was A Boy Called Bat by Elana Arnold. Each week, Ms. Watts emailed the 36 families discussion questions and extension activities that tied in with the reading.
  • The librarian wears many leadership hats to support the campus. In addition to running a successful library program, Ms. Watts is the campus’ Web Page Coordinator, Art point of contact, NEEF Chief, LPAC point of contact, Snack Pack point of contact, GLC for the specials team, Storytelling Club sponsor, Student Lighthouse sponsor, HB4545 Reading tutor, cafeteria behavior interventionist and covers classes for teachers during weekly PLC meetings.
  • The librarian utilizes a variety of communication methods to advocate and keep stakeholders informed of the library’s program. The librarian contributes to the principal’s weekly newsletter to the community, posts regularly on social media and shares information with students and families via Seesaw. The Huebner community always knows what is going on in their school library.
The Husky Family Book Club met for a wrap-up celebration.
The librarian covered classes for teachers to meet in professional learning communities.